The Youth Council has hosted its first of many ‘Live Conversations’ helping young people to explore key subjects affecting them in today’s world.

Joel & Matthew who are members of the Youth Council hosted the conversation and were joined by two special guests, Revd Danie Lindley (one of our two environment champions in the Diocese), and Hannah Malcolm (training at Cranmer Hall and currently writing a PhD on theology and climate grief). The topic was ‘What on earth?!’ thinking about how local churches could respond to the climate crisis.

The conversation was held on Zoom and live-streamed to Facebook, which meant that viewers could interact with comments and questions which were fed into the discussion. It was a fascinating and thought-provoking conversation covering questions such as: what practical steps can churches make; what about individual Christians and households; is the new C of E carbon target of net-zero by 2030 (agreed at National Synod this week) realistic; where should churches be in 5 year’s time. One vicar even registered his church as an Eco Church during the discussion!

The discussion is available to watch on the Youth Council Facebook page

The Youth Council has planned a number of conversations for 2021  starting in January with a discussion on Racism and the Church.

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