When The Quiet, Still Voice Speaks

Glen MacKnight, 50, moves from St Mary and St Cuthbert, Chester-le-Street, where he has been part of the worship team, to be ordained as  Curate to the Parish of Herrington (St Aidan), Penshaw (All Saints) & Shiney Row (St Oswald).

He grew up in Chester-le- Street and a significant proportion of his working life has been with Sunderland City Council, working with Adults with Learning Disabilities. For the past 13 years, he has managed a Social Work Team.

He said: “Coming to ministry was very much about hearing the quiet, still voice of God and being drawn forward to explore what it meant to be a minister.

“My initial introduction to Christianity was of attending a Mission England event at Roker Park in the 1980s and responding to the invitation given by Billy Graham, of accepting Christ into my life.

“ From there, I joined a free church, which had its roots in Brethren movement.  I always recognised, however, the importance of the Church of England in its ability to reach out to the local community through the parish system and respond to the needs of people within the locality. When we joined our local congregation and made use of the liturgy it felt very much, like coming home.

“Talking to people about the call of God has been both exciting and challenging. For some, the prospect of a complete change in work and housing is more than they can understand. For others, they are curious as to what has led to such a life-changing event.”

Ahead of the event, the Ordinands will be available for pictures and interviews at Durham  Cathedral at 3.45pm on Wednesday June 26. Media are invited to attend the Press call on Wednesday 26th June at 3.45pm at Durham Cathedral (Cloisters garden). Media wishing to attend should confirm with Keith Blundy on 07900 583131 or [email protected] by 12 noon on Tuesday 25th June 2013.

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