We’re having a bit of a do – who are you inviting?


In her second post on Talking Jesus, Sophie Jelley says: “We’re having a bit of a do…Who are you inviting?”

In just 5 weeks’ time we kick off a long weekend of events all about ‘Talking Jesus’. From ‘angel bombing’ to prayer spaces, from ceilidhs to craft afternoons, we will be grilling bishops in schools and quizzing them in pub nights! There is literally something for everyone. From the Tyne to the Tees and the Dales to the sea – there are hundreds of events being prepared and we really want to make the most of the opportunity to ‘talk Jesus’ together. Whether comedy is your thing or a good old sing…we hope that you have prepared events with your friends in mind and all the things they would enjoy coming to…But have you invited them yet?

I’m going…

We all have personal connections with people through our family, friendships, work colleagues, leisure activities or other interests. We might not often talk about our faith with these people but recent research has shown that 67% of people know someone who is a practicing Christian. 58% have had a conversation about faith. 36% of those say that talking about faith with someone they know was a key moment in their faith journey. It may be that you are that person. It may be that someone in the office or at the club knows you are the person from the church and they are just waiting to have a chat about life with you. ‘Talking Jesus’ is the ideal opportunity for them to have the conversation they might have been waiting for.

‘Would you like to come with me?

One simple question: would you like to come? We can give out flyers or put up posters but nothing beats a personal invitation. Who will you invite? Could you buy an extra ticket and give it away at work. Bring a member of your family or a close friend. Take the grandchildren to a families event or just put on the kettle, bake a cake and invite a member of the team to come and share their story with your neighbours or simply share your own. Whatever you do during ‘Talking Jesus’ we can all invite someone to something. Think about how you first got involved in church….began a favourite hobby….joined a new club. In most cases it will be because someone invited you.

A simple way to begin. Start with prayer…

  • Pray – for the people you know. Who is God asking you to invite?
  • See – what is going on in your area?
  • Ask – why don’t you come with me?
  • Expect – God to be at work: take the opportunity to talk about that.
  • Next steps – what can you invite them to then?

The final celebration service is an opportunity to bring your friends and family to hear Archbishop John Sentamu talk about the difference Jesus can make to our lives. Durham Cathedral 3pm Sunday 5th March – all welcome. There will also be information about a Start! Course (introduction to the Christian faith 6 week course) near you.

Pray – See – Ask – Expect

Our God is faithful – trust him as you invite others to do the same!

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