We Have The Wisdom – Eastertide Reflection 26

By Ray Leonard



We have the Wisdom

We all know we are living in a climate emergency. We all know that the poorest are suffering the most. Death, famine, disease, war, the list seems endless, and yet the poor aren’t waiting and worrying about the climate emergency. It is already here.

We know something must be done. And yet we continue to live our consumer-orientated lives, hoping the recycling bin is sufficient for the salvation of the planet.

Do we have to suffer directly before we really understand the indiscriminate power of nature? Is it perhaps that we find ourselves saturated with knowledge, but feel overwhelmed, scared, and hopeless? Where is our faith in the God-given wisdom that we all have as integral beings of all creation?

Christ said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’.

This is not about an intellectual understanding or knowledge of something– it is about the transformational power of lived wisdom.

Deep down, in our innermost being, our very soul, we have the wisdom we need. God will be with us in seeking radical change, in speaking truth to power, in enacting changes to our own lives, in acts of sacrificial love in harmony with all creation.

I humbly offer us all a prayer, by Bruce Sanguin, called Living Earth’s Wisdom, in the hope we can move from denial to acceptance, from worry to action, from protecting one’s self to walking the path of suffering and love.  The very path Christ walked and urges us onward.

Living Earth’s Wisdom

We tune our ears to the wisdom of the Earth.

It is deep prayer, this listening to her cries,

As Spirit’s sighs,

Too deep for words.


Unborn generations

Call to us from the future:

What did you do when the planet

Could no longer bear your foolishness

And began to break?


The growl of the grizzly –

Caught in the crosshairs

Of trophy hunters and policy makers,

Who seem to prize extinction –

Is a plea for the rights

Of all the disappearing ones.



Hear the bawl of the caribou

Asking us for room enough to roam

And arsenic-free water to drink.


The cardinal’s whistle

Once joy’s message,

Is now a haunting lament

For the dwindling chorus of songbirds.


The topsoil – living organism and not lowly dirt –

Clears its thinning, chemical-burned voice,

And speaks out for the biotic kingdom

Teeming within this dark body.


Mother Ocean beckons us to return

To her womb,

That we might be born anew

And know our salty tears to be Her own.


The willow drops her loving arms

Around our shoulders and brushes us with grace,

Whispering that it’s not too late.

It falls to us, Wisdom’s pupils,

To turn this dirge into a dance of the cosmos.

Let those with ears hear, rise up,


Bruce Sanguin (If Darwin Prayed)

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