We Are Praying


With only three-days to go until ‘Talking Jesus’ – Sophie Jelley uses her tenth post to say: “We are praying…”.

It is so exciting to have arrived at the week of Talking Jesus, Durham after these months of preparation. Today the Talking Jesus planning team met for the final time before the mission weekend. I am so grateful for this great bunch of folks who have helped to prepare our diocese for the weekend and carried a great deal of the work load as well as sharing some of the joys and challenges along the way. We prayed for all those who are working in local deaneries to make events happen and to Talk Jesus in their area. We also reflected on the fact that this is God’s mission and we are simply joining in. This means it is necessarily risky, there will be surprises along the way but ultimately all is in God’s hands. So prayer is the key as we keep close company with God this week and see where he leads us and who he leads us to.


We are praying for great conversations with people of our area as we share the love of Jesus and his hope in our lives.

We are praying for people who arrive as visitors to leave as friends.

We are praying for significant impact in the places where people gather in our diocese whether shopping centres or social clubs.

We are praying that children and young people will get the chance to encounter Jesus and follow him in their lives

We are praying for much fruit in the ‘good soil’ of Durham Diocese.

We are praying… 

Will you pray too?

2017/03/02 13:30:00
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