The following is an update on the Waymark 2019 Conference sent out to all attendees by Bishop Paul.



Ian Goulding has produced a first-class report outlining all the main findings from Waymark ’19. The Report highlights some key matters to address as we build on this to develop our new Plan on a Page for 2021-5. You are welcome to read the full report; indeed you are encouraged to do so. 

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The Bishop’s Leadership Team held a discussion on the report on January 8th which was followed by a discussion on the report and the questions posed during a major item of business at the Bishop’s Council 24-hour Residential meeting on January 10th /11th.

Bishop’s Council (BC) noted the following:

‘Blessing our communities in Jesus’ name for the transformation of us all’ continues to be valued as our overarching vision.
Our desire to see transformation happen individually, in churches and in communities is affirmed but we also want to find better ways of assessing just what this transformation looks like.

The 3 priorities of Growth, Children and Young People and Poverty are being worked out in a very wide range of ways across parishes and communities. There is an impressive range of ministry being undertaken. The whole Waymark process has brought more of this to light. We need to be better at sharing these stories with one another and learning together through this. There is support for continuing to hold these as our three priorities. There is a desire to have some more focussed Key Performance Indicators for all 3.

The Environment and Climate Change clearly emerged as a priority that needs to rise high up the agenda. The importance of the voice and leadership of children and young people on this was affirmed. BC believe it will be better to ensure the environment runs through the other 3 priorities will be a better way forward than creating it as a separate fourth priority.

BC believes that the first step is to work specifically at sharpening the transformation vision and clarifying the values that underlie all we do. In this attention will be paid to The Five Marks of Mission, the C of E Schools Values work, the values expressed in Waymark papers and the Cathedral Values. A brainstorm on values was also held. A small working group has been commissioned to report back to the next BC (Feb 27th) on this. This is being convened by David Tomlinson.

BC also recognised that all forward planning needs to be undertaken with careful consideration to Diocesan and Parish finances.

BC committed afresh to the timetable for presenting a new Plan on a Page to Diocesan Synod on November 14th. This includes an interim report on May 16th. It considered ways of working to ensure this timetable is met and that ongoing feedback from parishes takes place.

Waymark attendees and others are asked to

  • Share this update with their PCCs.
  • Encourage people to read the report.
  • Comment on the thinking about Environment and Climate Change and on Vision and Values. At present please send comments to [email protected]
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