Thy Kingdom Come 2018 activity which took part in Durham is featured in a new summary report issued this week.

The case studies.

In Durham, 14 churches including, from across the denominations, came together for 250 hours of non-stop, 24-7 prayer during Thy Kingdom Come.

The event was hosted by Salvation Army’s Sanctuary 21 – a house of prayer and hospitality – right in the heart of the city. 

On the morning of the 10th, Church leaders from across the city gathered to launch the 11 Days of Prayer.

Hundreds of people came to pray in the space over the period with at least one person committing their lives to Christ for the first time and many others going deeper in their discipleship.

The initiative brought together people of all ages and students from Durham University came to pray day and night. Cranmer Hall theological college students joined in and Burn 24-7 worship events were held on the two weekends drawing large crowds as music flowed out into the street. The week culminated in a huge beacon event at Durham Cathedral with people uniting in prayer from across the whole of the North East region.

Since Thy Kingdom Come ended, a group of the students have followed up with a 24-5 prayer space in June and are planning a weekly 24 /1 prayer event in the space as soon as the new term begins. Monthly Burn events will also happen there in the future.

Reproduced from ‘What’s The Story So Far’ (c) Thy Kingdom Come 2018

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What is Thy Kingdom Come?

For the last 3 years between ascension and Pentecost, millions of Christians across the world have united in prayer for others to come to faith in Christ. This movement is called Thy Kingdom Come.



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