Christmas came early to The Boldons in South Tyneside today, with thousands of tiny angels appearing around the community overnight.

2,000 knitted angels have been placed around schools, parks, businesses and pubs for people to find and take home.

People are advised to keep their eyes peeled around West Boldon, East Boldon, Boldon Colliery and Hedworth if they want to find one of the little visitors.

The angels have been lovingly created by volunteers from churches across the Boldons during lockdown. Each angel has a tag which can be scanned to watch a special Christmas message.

The festive figures are designed to bring a sprinkling of joy to anyone lucky enough to find one. It is hoped that families and individuals will enjoy joining in the hunt for the hand-crafted symbols of joy, love and peace. 

An anonymous member of the Boldon Angels Team said: “We have used our time at home over the last couple of months well in creating these angels and can’t wait for people to find them on Friday morning. We had special services on Sunday at church to bless the angels as they prepared to fly out around our community.

This has been a difficult year for so many people so we wanted to do this to share God’s love and to bless our community in public places and community places with a Christmas message of hope and love.

“The reason for wanting to take part in the project was to show, like that first Christmas long ago, even in the most challenging of times God’s love can and still does come down to Earth.”

The message on each angel says: ‘May God bless you with joy, love and peace this Christmas’ and encourages people to take the angel home. All of the angels have spent 72 hours in quarantine prior to being put out around the community to keep everyone safe.”

“We hope people will share photos of the angels they’ve found using the hashtag #BoldonAngels.”

Story Supplied By Parish

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