GlamourLogosSitting in the clergy Induction Day at Carter house today (Thursday 24th October) got me thinking. Over the last year or so we have added a number of communication tools to allow us to reach out to communities outside of the Diocesan and likewise inside also. These tools are available to parishes and church communicators to help tell our communities what we are doing. But where are these tools and how do you use them – well this information is spread across a number of articles and threads, so the purpose of this article is to bring it all together in one place.

The Newsroom

DDInstagramOur primary source for collection and delivery of news coming from and going to the Diocese is through our newsroom service. That service is accessed via: and via our dedicated mobile device app which can be accessed here: The newsroom is separate to the Diocesan website which can be accessed at: an provides an externally focused presence for Media and others interested in what we have to say primarily outside the walls of Churches but with a strong focus on presenting our vision for mission and ministry in the communities of the Diocese. The newsroom is accessible from the diocesan website and from a number of other places across the web also. Organised as a series of sections, the newsroom is the official news outlet for news from: The Bishop’s of Durham and Jarrow, National Church, Diocese, Schools, Statutory Announcements and News from Churches and Parishes across the diocese.

Getting Your News In The Newsroom

As well as the newsroom service hosting all the news from the Bishop’s and the Diocese it also provides a portal for news from Churches and Parishes, a place that you can tell the outside world about the most important things that are happening in and around your church. The article, stories and events that we feature on the newsroom are submitted by you directly from the form on the newsroom or via our dedicated web-App. You will need a password to access the submission form (please request via All submissions are edited for content and style before they are published, and any photos or graphics to accompany your submission can be sent to

Durham Diocese Daily News (3DN)

3DNews The newsroom service also provides links to other communication channels including our various social media channels and to our daily newspaper which is called 3DN or (Durham Diocese Daily News) which can be accessed at: where you can register to have the news sent to your email inbox on a daily basis.

Social Media Channels

We are active across a range of social media and these include:




  • Our youtube channel feeds can be accessed here, various Diocesan, Bishops and Formal communications are often delivered through YouTube.


  • All of our picture galleries are available on flickr here



  • Our Pinterest feed are available here


As a diocese we are increasingly using electronic communications to reduce the Carbon Footprint of the Diocese through not printing things that are not needed and also reducing costs through unnecessary postage. To these ends, the Link paper news paper was replaced by both the Newsroom and 3DN – this has saved us significant costs and our reach has increased. The loss of the Link paper has meant that there is not an obvious platform to place adverts – this facility is available via 3DN and we can offer a feature facility should you need it.

Parish Communications / Media Training

To support the work of communications in the diocese, a range of one-to-one and group training / guidance and mentoring support is available which might include:

  • Social Media strategy – how to, how not to
  • Parish communications strategy – how to create one, building the team, the parish communications team and lead communicator guidance and support.
  • Media Training – learning to work with and be interviewed by media
  • Crisis management – dealing with communications at times of difficulty
  • Internal communications – getting the message to the Pews
  • Journalism training
  • Use of video and photography to communicate
  • Using e-communications and creating a strategy.


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