A view to a toilet! - Revd Canon Judy Hirst, Mrs Pam Monaghan

 Dylan Glenton (Y6), Niamh Sykes (Y6), Revd Canon Judy Hirst, Mrs Pam Monaghan, Jude Dudley (Y) & Gini Stephenson (Y5)

Dylan Glenton (Y6), Niamh Sykes (Y6), Revd Canon Judy Hirst, Mrs Pam Monaghan, Jude Dudley (Y) & Gini Stephenson (Y5)
Children at a County Durham primary school supported an international initiative to tackle the shortage of toilets in the world – by throwing sponges at teachers. Neville’s Cross Primary School in Durham is supporting the Toilet Twinning scheme, which twins toilets in the UK with communities around the world as a way of raising funds. A total of 2.5 billion people – 40% of the world’s population – do not have somewhere safe, clean and hygienic to go to the toilet. The result is that nearly one in five child deaths each year is due to diarrhoea. The appeal raises funds to create toilets that are hygienic and have access to clean water and students raised £360 at a fun day that included paying to throw sponges at teachers. The Revd Canon Judy Hirst, Missioner of the Anglican Durham Diocese and Associate Priest at St John’s Church, Neville‘s Cross, initially suggested the idea to the school. She said: “We all have loads of toilets, probably more than we need, but lots of people across the world do not. “There are 2.5 billion people who have no toilet. The Toilet Twinning initiative is a way of raising funds to help provide toilets for people who do not have them “I challenged the children in an assembly to raise £60 to twin a school toilet and they ended up twinning six. “The initiative allows them to empathise with how dreadful it must be to have no toilets and no access to clean water and the children have reached out with their hearts.” The school has twinned six toilets with communities in Afghanistan, Burundi, Bangladesh. Cambodia, Ethiopia and Uganda. Head teacher Pam Monaghan, one of the teachers pelted with sponges, said: “This has raised the children’s awareness of hygiene and sanitation right across the world and they were keen to twin as many toilets as possible. They really rose to the challenge. “Some even brought more money than we asked so that they could throw more sponges at the teachers!”

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