George Turner recieves his gift from Blossom and Eve

The following posts were supplied by David Tomlinson vicar at St John’s Shildon

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 St John's Christingle lights up the church

St John’s Christingle lights up the church

With candles, oranges, and cheery children Saint John’s CofE aided School Christingle was underway. Over 90 parents arrived to watch and listen to the children sing, tell stories, and dress two of their teachers up as human Christingles. For 6 weeks Revd. David and a team of children drawn from years 4, 5 and 6 had planned and prepared. The children wrote prayers, prepared the script, and put their own twist on the familiar tale of Christmas as they spoke about Jesus, a present from God, who lit up the world. Headteacher Andrew Farnell summing up at the end took the opportunity to thank everyone for their support. “This is about your children discovering and learning new skills every day” he said, before wishing everybody a very merry Christmas. Revd. David then showed a short Disney Christmas video as a treat for the kids before the whole church erupted into ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas.’

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 George Turner recieves his gift from Blossom and Eve

George Turner recieves his gift from Blossom and Eve

The children of Shildon were this week transformed into Santa’s helpers. Thirty children from two Saint John’s church projects (Explorers and Kids in the Garden) came together to help make the Christmas of 120 elderly town residents. With presents beautifully created by ‘Sweet Greetings’ the children braved cold, rain and wind, to sing on Jubilee Road, Hackworth Close, Plevna Mews, Harrison Court and in Redworth House. With the songs sung they knocked on the resident’s doors who were amazed to discover that rather than collecting money the children were giving them a present. Organised by three Shildon Alive! volunteers Kelly Maychell, Michelle Glazier, and Zara-Lucy Duncanson the project was funded by Shildon Communities First. George Turner (94) summed it all up when given his gift by Eve and Blossom; “this” he said with a happy smile “is really Christmas”. Rev. David thanked everyone for their support and when the’ work’ was done the kids got to meet Santa at Saint John’s and each received a surprise present of their own.

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