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 Event Notification - Chinese Arts Exhibition

Event Notification – Chinese Arts Exhibition
The Church of England Sanctuary Artspace in St Edmund Street Gateshead will be hosting a very special exhibition of Chinese art during May 2013. The Revd Jim Craig Community Arts Chaplain in Gateshead in the Diocese of Durham said:” It’s an unusual exhibition of contemporary Chinese art which we are very lucky to be hosting. In keeping with our focus on the use of Art in contemplative reflection of faith – this exhibition is sure to draw a lot of interest and attention. There is a preview next Monday (May 6th) from 6-8pm in the gallery, and we would really love to welcome people to see the art.” The exhibition is being put on by Blair Bao and Caresse Wu who are studying on the Arts, Business and Creativity MA course at Newcastle University. Blair and Caresse established their new business venture ‘Frame’ with the intention of showing Chinese artworks of real value in the UK. Revd Jim Craig said: “In doing market research, Blair and Caresse found that the Chinese artworks being shown in the UK were not necessarily the most accomplished or best-executed pieces of work. They realised that there was a lack of publicity and exposure for the best Chinese artists. Frame aims to rectify this and so imports the best in Chinese artworks to make them accessible to the UK market.” The new show will feature 12 new artworks by renowned artists from the the Gui Zhou province in China, including work by Junyi Bao. Junyi Bao is Blair’s father, and is an artist with 30 years of experience in trading Chinese artworks. All of the artists in the exhibition are from the Gui Zhou province in China, and Frame aim to connect the cultural scene in Gateshead and Newcastle with the culture of the Gui Zhou province. Student Caresse Wu said: “We are finding a way to break into the market here – our first exhibition at Sanctuary Artspace earlier in the year allowed us to hear people’s opinions on the work and gave us courage to further promote the artworks.” Revd Jim Craig added: “When ‘Frame’ held their first exhibition at Sanctuary Artspace in March I had absolutely no prior knowledge of the quality of the artwork they were putting on display.  It was a complete shock to discover that Caresse and Blair were representing artists in China who are on a par with Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. We’re hoping that by inviting them back for a month-long exhibition more people will be able to view these beautiful and surprising paintings.” The exhibition will be at Sanctuary Artspace from Tuesday 7th May to Thursday 30th May. The gallery can be found inside the St Edmund’s Chapel, Gateshead’s parish church and the town’s oldest building. The gallery is open 12-4pm Mondays to Thursdays.

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