Diocese of Durham Counselling Service

faith aware, sensitive & inclusive accessible and affordable.

Counselling is a process whereby personal issues and concerns can be addressed in a confidential and safe therapeutic relationship, in a discreet setting. Taking up counselling is an opportunity to work through personal issues with a view to improving your current life circumstances. Individual reasons for coming into counselling are varied, diverse and include:

  • Identity Issues e.g.
    • Relationship or family difficulties
    • Transition issues or life changes, such as ageing, bereavement or relocating
    • Medical issues, for example serious and chronic illness
  • Anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, including recovery issues
  • Addiction difficulties
  • Sexuality concerns
  • Church and faith related matters

The diversity of life and the various situations we can end up in means that is not an exhaustive list. Should you be in any doubt about counselling, or simply wish to find out more, please do not hesitate to make an initial and confidential contact or enquiry. Counselling Service Remit Diocese of Durham provides a one to one counselling service as a particular form of pastoral support for:

  • clergy,
  • clergy family
  • lay people actively involved on a regular basis in the church and its wider mission and ministry.

Referral Process If you are clergy or clergy family please contact Tony Wright. If you are an actively involved lay person you will need to be referred by a member of the clergy who will forward a referral form on your behalf. This referral form can be found here. Cost of Counselling Clergy and clergy family counselling is free and funded up to eight sessions which can be extended subject to review. Counselling required that is long term can be further negotiated at an affordable rate. Actively involved lay people can be helped with costs depending upon personal circumstances.

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