Ready steady Start!


With only five day to go until Talking Jesus – Sophie Jelley uses here eight post to say: “Ready steady Start!”.

Accompanying people finding faith through courses like Alpha, Start or other introductions to Christianity has been a real joy of ordained ministry for me. Seeing people discover that they are loved, forgiven, restored and called by God is an honour every single time. 

We are thrilled that so many such courses are in place across the diocese to welcome those we encounter through Talking Jesus. We are especially promoting Start! as a follow on to the Talking Jesus weekend for the following reasons:

  1. It starts with people’s lives rather than with Christian beliefs. There are exercises to join in together to help people discover for themselves where God has played a part in their life journeys.
  2. It is fun! There is a lot of laughter and humour to help people relax and enjoy learning about God and his relevance to everyday life. 
  3. It is northern! Start! was developed by the Leading Your Church into Growth team in an urban northern context. It connects well with many in our area. 
  4. It doesn’t require a lot of reading – simple but not simplistic. Start! is a mix of dvd and discussion but still searches the deep questions of life. 
  5. It helps people meet Jesus!

That is what all this is for. Jesus is the reason we are planning, preparing, inviting and talking. Jesus is the hope we long to share with others. Start! gives people a clear introduction  to Jesus who can change their lives with his love.

I encourage you to put on a Start! course and be ready to welcome new friends to encounter Jesus afresh. Whether you have never run one before or this is the next in a series – it isn’t too late to Start!

2017/03/02 13:30:00
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