The Church of England has today (Thursday 14th January) published the outcomes of four pilot independent audits into safeguarding arrangements.

The Diocese of Durham was one of the four dioceses across the Church of England that took part in the ‘Independent Audit of Diocesan Safeguarding Arrangements’ in September of 2015. The report detailing the findings and recommendations from the audit has now been published and is available here:

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The Ven Stuart Bain, our lead for safeguarding in the diocese said: “We welcome the publishing of this report as it helps bring transparency to the way we manage safeguarding and so we are very supportive of its scope and outcomes.

“We should never be complacent, but we are pleased that the report gives recognition for the good work already in place, something that we will continue to build upon. We are pleased that the report’s recommendations are broadly in line with the areas that we had identified for improvement.”

The diocese will publish its formal action plan in response to the publication of the report within three months. The plan will be available on the diocesan website.

The dioceses of Blackburn, Durham, Portsmouth and Salisbury all volunteered to be part of the House of Bishops commissioned project to take a look at current safeguarding practice.

The full Church of England press release relating to this publication with additional details and links to each of the four dioceses reports can be viewed here.

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