Procession to be annual tradition
 Procession to be annual tradition

Procession to be annual tradition

A new ecumenical Palm Sunday procession looks set to become an annual tradition after its success this year says proud vicar, Revd Miranda Threlfall-Holmes.

She said: “Four seaside donkeys led a procession – from babies in prams to a 91 year old – on a half-mile walk through the centre of the village, from St John’s Methodist Church to St Laurence Church of England Church in Pittington.

“I was really chuffed, with more than 60 people for the procession, even with the clocks going back! And lots more waiting for us at the church.”

The procession was the idea of the vicar, Miranda Threlfall-Holmes, and Benefice Administrator, Mrs. Carol Bloomfield, who hired the donkeys for her granddaughter’s birthday last year and thought how lovely it would be to have them for a church service.

Miranda said: “The donkeys led the crowd right to the church door, where their riders dismounted and a short liturgy was held as the crowd imagined welcoming Jesus. Then one donkey led the crowd right into the church for a short service, after which there were free donkey rides in the churchyard.

“It was  a very happy occasion and we were so glad the rain held off!

“Everyone was delighted with the donkeys, and it seemed to be generally agreed that a new annual tradition has been started.”

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