Prison Chaplains from HMP Durham and HMP Low Newton have taken to video to promote the National Prisons Weeks of Prayer.

The annual weel of prayer event, which in 2020 is titled ‘you are not alone’ asking for people everywhere to be ‘United in Lockdown’. The key themes are asking:

  • So let Us Pray
  • So Let Us Act
  • So Let Us Declare: You are Not Alone

The Revd Matthew Tetley, Chaplains Manager at HMP Durham introduces the video and we hear and see prayers and artwork prepared by the Residents at HMP Durham and HMP Low Newton for the National Prison Prayer Week.

Prisons Week aims to encourage prayer and awareness of the needs of prisoners and their families, victims of offenders, prisons staff and all those who care, reflected in the Prisons Week Prayer offered throughout the week:

Lord, you offer freedom to all people.
We pray for those in prison.
Break the bonds of fear and isolation that exist.
Support with your love prisoners and their families and friends,
prison staff and all who care.
Heal those who have been wounded by the activities
of others, especially the victims of crime.
Help us to forgive one another.
To act justly, love mercy and walk humbly together with Christ
in His strength and in His Spirit, now and every day. Amen.

Each day of the week, a new prayer brings into focus a different group affected by prison or criminal justice. Churches and individuals are also asked to reflect on what they might do or offer as part of their response, through the range of Christian agencies and charities involved in supporting Prisons Week.

Please support this work by getting involved full details can be found here: 

Please also watch and share the Durham Chaplains’ Video below.

Prayers for use during the week can be downloaded here Prisons Week 2020 Booklet.pdf

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