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Twenty Two (22) People from diverse walks of life and all ages from twenty eight to seventy were ordained as Priests and Deacons in the Diocese of Durham at ceremonies staged at Durham Cathedral on Saturday 2nd July (Priests) and Sunday 3rd July (Deacons).

Newly ordained priests.
Newly ordained priests.
 Newly ordained deacons with Bishops Paul, Mark and John

Newly ordained deacons with Bishops Paul, Mark and John


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Susan Bell, Darlington

Sue BellSue Bell, 53, has been a Registered Manager of two homes for people with severe learning disabilities and challenging behaviour and has worked in social care for 20 years since graduating from Teesside University with a 2:1 degree in Criminology. 

She is married to John and they have two children.

Stephen Briggs, Durham


Richard BriggsRichard Briggs, 49, studied for ordination at Mirfield College of the Resurrection alongside Yorkshire Ministry Course. He grew up in London, became a Christian at University, and has spent most of my time since in ministry or in theological education.

Married to Melody with three children.

Norma Clee, Eighton Banks


Norma CleeNorma Clee, 62, studied for ordination at Lindisfarne RTP. On leaving school, joined the Civil Service and over the next 42 years had different jobs in different locations. She said; “Several years ago I felt called to some form of ministry and went on to be licensed as a Reader. I found Reader ministry very fulfilling and was a little concerned when thoughts of ordination came to  me in my prayer time or when reading the Bible. So I ignored them. Then over a couple of years family, friends and members of the congregation asked me to consider ordination. It was only when talking to my Spiritual Director I realised my prayer life was suffering because I was avoiding any suggestion of ordination.”

She is married to Brian and they have two children and two grandchildren.

Ken Coulson, Windy Nook

Ken CoulsonKen Coulson, 64, has lived in Gateshead all his life. He began work at 16 with the Coop and worked mainly in the public sector. Since retirement, he has worked as a volunteer at Gateshead Foodbank, where is he is very involved in the work that they do on food poverty, something that has instrumental in his call to be ordained.

He says: “No one can accuse me of rushing it. It has taken me a lifetime’s journey as part of a small urban church to take this step.”

Ken studied for ordination at Lindisfarne. Retired after 40 years in the public sector. A licensed Reader for 10 years prior to ordination.

He has been married to Lynn for 41 years and has two children and three grandchildren.

Ruth Dawson, Heighington & Darlington


Ruth DawsonRuth Dawson, 71, trained at Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership. Born in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, and made her career in the commercial sector, beginning as a secretary and progressing through to Administrative Management and Personnel work.

She has five grandchildren.

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Kate Jamie, Easington


Kate Jamie

Kate Jamie, 34, studied for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham. She grew up in the village of Ingrave, in Brentwood, Essex and was raised in a Roman Catholic family She completed two years as an Education Assistant at the Education Department at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London, going on to train at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama gaining a degree in Drama, Applied Theatre and Education in 2005. After training at Drama School, she worked as a freelance Drama Practitioner then went on to complete a PGCE in Drama Teaching before going back to the Globe as an Education Manager.

She is married to Matt.
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 Danie Lindley, Chester le Street

Danie LindleyDanie Lindley, 44, studied for ordination at Lindisfarne RTP. She was born in Nottingham, baptised as a Roman Catholic and attended church most Sundays. She grew up moving around the country following her parents wherever the work was, frequently changing

schools and churches as a result. She joined a youth group at St Leonards in Durham and was confirmed as a teenager.

She said: “Sadly, when I was 26 my younger brother, James who was 24, was involved in a house fire and was in Intensive care for 72 hours. We were told that he would not survive and for the first time in my life I relied on God fully. James died with his family around him; me, mum and dad. This was an awful time in my life, however looking back I was able to rely on God and made a promise that I would follow him and listen to him and what he had planned for me. A real turning point in my life and a promise that would change things forever.”

She trained as a primary school teacher straight out of school and has taught in various schools around the North East for 21 years.

She is married to Russ and has two children

Linda Lindsay, Crook


Linda LindsayLinda Lindsay, (63) worked in local government for 30 years before training for ordination through the Lindisfarne Regional Training Programme.

Linda says: “I worked in Local Government for nearly 30 years in a variety of roles, all of which brought me into direct contact with members of the public.  I enjoyed being part of a busy team striving to improve standards of care in residential and home care services for older people living in County Durham.  This brought me into direct contact with some truly inspirational individuals who have shaped my outlook on life.”

She is married to John, with two children and 4 grandchildren.

Alison Miller, Lanchester


Ali MillerAli Miller, 40, studied for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham. Hails from the North West and studied Chemistry and Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. She said: “I was aware of a constant urge to explore vocation to ordained ministry.”

She is married to Andy with two children.

Lucy Moss, Spennymoore

Lucy MossLucy Moss, 30, studied for ordination at St John’s College, Nottingham. She was born in Stanley, Co. Durham. She read Theology at Christ Church University, Canterbury, and after graduating in 2007, became Pastoral Assistant for two Methodist Churches in Middlesex.

Steve Muneza – Durham North Team Ministry

Steve MunezaSteve Muneza, 35, studied for ordination at University of Gloucestershire, Redcliffe College. He was born and grew up in Burundi. He said: “It was in October 1995, right in the middle of Burundi’s civil war, while I was a teenager with all the challenges that this phase carried, that I received Jesus in my life and started a deep personal relationship with the Lord and Saviour.  The Lord had been reaching out to me through Scripture, family and friends and the relentless commitment of one friend in particular. He had recently met the Lord himself and this encounter had completely  transformed him from a very reserved boy to an enthusiastic evangelist. His regular visits, friendship,  his commitment to the Bible and his own experience of Jesus were an inspiring testimony to the  Lord’s love.“

Steve was ordained Deacon in Burundi and is being ordained as a Priest in Durham whilst he studies for a PhD in Theology and Entrepreneurship. After his PhD he will return to ordained ministry in Burundi. He is married to Christine and have two children.

Gemma Sampson, Hartlepool


Gemma SampsonGemma Sampson, 40, studied for ordination at the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield. She was born and brought up in Coventry. She said: “I came to faith, aged four, in the Baptist church and joined the Church of England in 2001. My faith journey saw me steadily moving ‘up the candle’ from the charismatic world of the Baptist church, to a middle of the road, theologically conservative, Anglican church, to a liberal Anglo‐Catholic church, and then to training alongside a religious community at Mirfield.”

Prior to training for ordination she was a Youth Worker in Coventry where she taught sex education in schools, youth clubs and other youth settings, including the local prison for young people up to the age of 18.  Her last job in Coventry was working with young women in violent and controlling relationships, and those who were being groomed for sexual exploitation and she also did three months’ voluntary work in India, with women and children who had been trafficked into the sex industry.

Ian Somasundram, Hebburn

Ian SomasundramIan Somasundram, 34, studied for ordination at Oak Hill Theological College. He grew up in the market town of Northallerton in North Yorkshire. He was brought up going to church through his early childhood years. He trained as a chemical engineer. Before training for ordained ministry he worked as a lay assistant minister of a church in Cambridge.

He is married to Helen and has two sons.

Tim Wall, Peterlee

Tim WallTimothy Wall, 29, studied for ordination at Cranmer Hall, Durham. Born and raised in Hull and came to university in Durham in 2005. Studied mathematics. Moved to Bradford after graduation to do an internship for Christians Against Poverty – a debt counselling charity. Came back to Durham to be an intern at St. Nicholas’ church.

He is married to Susanna.

Catherine Walton, Norton

Catherine WaltonCatherine Walton, 50, studied at Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership. Born in Saltburn, she grew up in a church environment. She returned to England in 2004 having lived abroad, a single mum with two young children. St Columba’s Church in Darlington took them in and encouraged Catherine to take an active part in worship, primarily in Junior Church, but then in preaching the occasional sermon. She said: “The daughter of a vicar and secretary/PA to the Archdeacon of Auckland, no‐one was more surprised than me when seemingly random people suggested that I should be a vicar and that others agreed! “

She has two daughters.




Paul Barker, Sunderland

Paul BarkerPaul Barker, 42, studied for ordination at Ripon College Cuddesdon, Oxford. He was born in Durham and grew up in Darlington. Worked in telecommunications at the now EE facility in Darlington for 20 years.

He is married to Helen and they have two children.

Petrica Bistran, Silksworth

Petrica Bistran

Petrica Bistran, 31, studied for ordination at Cranmer Hall. Born in Romania. He grew up in an early ex‐Communist environment, becoming a Christian when he was about 15. Wanted to become an artist so went to an Art College then decided to do a degree in theology and become a pastor.  He moved to England and joined an Anglican church in Nottingham.

Petrica is married to Mirela.

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John Estall, Washington

John EstallJohn Estall, 34, studied for ordination at Ripon College Cuddesdon. He grew up in Poole, Dorset. At eighteen he went to Moorlands College to study Applied Theology. After a short time as a warehouse assistant he began working with people who were homeless. He joined Alabaré, a Christian charity which provides accommodation support and advice.

He said: “From before I went to Moorlands, I had a sense that God was calling me to some form of full time Christian ministry but I wasn’t quite sure what. As I spent time in a variety of local churches I began to shape a sense of what that might be, particularly as I began to feel more and more at home within the Anglican church.”

He is married to Claire and they have two children.

Alistair Hodkinson, St Helen Auckland

Alistair HodkinsonAlistair Hodkinson, 27, studied for ordination at St Stephen’s House, Oxford. He grew up in Tynemouth before going to study Music at Durham University. Originally a Methodist but while he was at university he was drawn into the life of the Church of England through singing in Chapel choirs.

He said: “At the age of 18, I was introduced to the Anglican choral tradition and a new-found love of singing this beautiful music soon grew into a curiosity about the ordained ministry. The plan was to join the Army as a musician but soon felt a sense of vocation to the Sacred Priesthood.”

Alistair is single. 

Jonathan (Jonny) Lloyd, Jarrow

Jonny LlyodJonny Lloyd, 28, is from Bristol and went to university in Durham to study Philosophy and Psychology, after which, having trained as a teacher, including stints in Hertford and

Hong Kong, he came to Westcott House to train for ministry in the Church of England.

He is married to Emily.

Lesley Sutherland, Cornforth and Ferryhill

Lesley SutherlandLesley Sutherland, 54, studied for ordination at Cranmer Hall, St John’s College, Durham.

Was born in the North East and lived in Hetton le Hole until she went to Oxford University, where she studied Jurisprudence. Qualified as a barrister, specialised in family law and practiced for 28 years until giving up to enter the ordination process.

She is married to Ian.

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Tyson, Sunderland

Jacqueline TysonJacqui Tyson, 59, studied for ordination at Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership. Born in Sunderland.  Went to Teacher Training College in the Midlands but did not finish the course and came home and worked in hotel reception for several years. Did a variety of jobs, including working  in  special  schools. Became  a  foster  carer  and  trained  as  a  nursery  nurse and worked  for  social services as a residential worker with children who had learning disabilities and their families.

She has three children.








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