Bishop Paul gave his presidential address to synod on 24th November 2018. The first of the triennium, it was a one filled with local, national and international messages. He talked on ‘Gift’ giving three examples of God’s gift: Migration; The National situation; and the Local Church.

He talked on Migration of workforces as a gift and the need to seek to lead the way with a welcome of refugees locally. He talked on  Brexit, uncertainty and the need to use imagination and to think differently in reimaging Britain for the coming months and years.

In his third point, he talked of the need to see local church as a gift, the things that we have, not the things that we don’t or wish we did. It is these gifts that we should be thankful for and celebrate.

He concluded by saying: “We need to live out our lives as gift. We should look to see how national and local policy and practice in matters like migration, national and local vision and our church life, works out when gift, this giving and receiving are at the heart of our approach. Rooted in the reality of God as the great giver.

“We cannot out give God. He gives in creation; he gives in redemption and recreation. All we can do is respond as grateful receivers and reflect God’s generosity by being people of gift ourselves.”

The full transcript is here:


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