Prayer and Care

Prayer and Care

Wed, 04/22/2020 – 13:19

During this difficult time it is important for us as Christians to still find ways for us to be salt & light in our communities. We currently have an opportunity to find various ways of letting those around us know that we care and that they are loved. To help with this here are 5 ideas for how you can care for somebody:

1 .Keep up contact. Make a phone call, send an email, letter or card saying that you are praying for them at this time.

2 .Keep an eye out for the anniversaries of life events. Make that phone call to let people know you care.

3. Send a small gift or book purchased on line, maybe insert life words etc.

4. Serve where you can in delivering groceries or medications.

5. Make sure the people you pray for know how much you value them by whatever means you can find.

We have also created various resource packs to be delivered to your home to help you join in with this year’s Thy Kingdom Come. We have designed packs to help individuals, couples, or families. The packs include our flagship 2020 resources, prayer bans, prayers cards, and creative activities to help you pray. These can all be found here.

Prayer Pack


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