As the use of social media increases (and it does daily) we are all faced with the need to regularly scan the spectrum of social media and know what people are saying about us. This is so we engage in deeper and more meaningful dialogue that helps focus our Mission and Ministry – but it’s not always good news.

What happens when there is a crisis? That might be anything from a negative comment about us or a response to a social media message or something much more serious.

Although I am here to help in such circumstances, I though it might be useful to share some good practice that we use in managing such a social media situation.

“Social media is extremely powerful and is a positive opportunity for brands to engage with their audience. But news relating to brands is made in seconds through social media not hours or days as was the case in earlier times. Today, the average time from the point something happens to it being on one or more social media platforms is 23 seconds and is reducing all the time.”

Within seconds, news relating to a brand can turn into a difficult situation. So it is essential to know how to respond to difficult questions publicly and quickly. If this happens to take placer on social media, it’s important to be ready and to have a plan in place.

360PR-Planning-for-and-Managing-a-Social-Media-CrisisI recently came across a great blog from 360PR where they had consolidated the steps to take in a crisis, which whilst not a definitive guide acts as a useful reminder of what can be done.

They concluded that there are eight things that can be done help manage a social media crisis.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive or definitive list, it is a good start. So if you are faced with a social media crisis, make you sure you have a plan and that those that need to be involved are – and quickly.

  1. Have a plan
  2. Pay attention – listen to the conversation
  3. Know what a crisis is
  4. Acknowledge it as quickly as you can
  5. Let people vent
  6. Always keep your cool
  7. Build an area to house information
  8. Turn a negative into a positive


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