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Our Bishops

Bishops in the Church of England are ordained to be shepherds of Christ’s flock and guardians of the faith of the apostles.  A Diocesan Bishop is the ‘chief pastor’ of everyone in his diocese, lay people as well as clergy. He is required to proclaim the Gospel, teach and uphold ‘sound doctrine’ and to be an example of ‘righteous and godly living’.  He is also ‘principal minister’ within his diocese.

In this diocese, the Bishop of Durham is the diocesan or senior bishop, with responsibility for oversight of the whole diocese. He is supported by the Suffragan Bishop of Jarrow, several assistant Bishops (including the Bishop of Beverley) and with the Bishop’s Leadership Team.

Bishops are appointed by the Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister. They are responsible for ordaining clergy and confirming those who come forward for ‘confirmation’ of the promises made at baptism.

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