This is a time lapse video of the Ordination of Priests service from Durham Cathedral on Saturday 4th 2015. The idea was to show the various stages of the service and to capture a sense of the occasion, it size and the importance of the service to public ministry of the newly ordained priests within the Church of England.

The film was captured using a miniature GoPro camera set to capture a single frame of video every two seconds for the duration of the service. When sped-up it brings the whole thing to to life as a vibrant 2 minute sequence.

The Scenes are:
– Processing on Arrival
– Ordinands assemble, introduced by their Archdeacon and addressed by the Bishop.
– The Sermon
– Prayers of Ordination
– The laying of of hands from the Bishop and Clergy of the Diocese.
– Receiving of the Bible from the Bishop followed by congratulations and greeting the assembled congregation
– Newly Ordained Priests assist with public Eucharist
– Anointing of hands and final processing out.

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