A new video has been launched in support of the Diocese of Durham’s ‘Plan-on-a-page’ strategy designed to support the ‘Blessing Our Communities in Jesus’ Name’ – the mission of the Dioceses which is the Church of England from the Tyne to the Tees and the Dales to Sea.

In the video The Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham explains the theology and strategic thinking behind the plan, the priorities of the Diocese and how this will be delivered at a local level through the plan. The video also discusses the need for income to support the plan and how Parish Share needs to grow over the next few years.

The video can be view in two places: On YouTube and on Vimeo. The Vimeo video has the facility for parishes and PCCs to download the video for local presentation.

The Plan-on-a-page leaflet can be downloaded here: [wpdm_package id=4923 template=”link-template-default.php”]


Vimeo Video: https://vimeo.com/130681526

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