Making the most of the opportunity


In just under 6 weeks time we will be welcoming many northern Bishops and their teams to the Diocese to help us Talk Jesus! The plans in deaneries are looking good so far and new ideas are continuing to be added in. If there are gaps in our programmes, here are a few suggestions that any of us could try. Remember we have lots of people coming so we could…..

  1. Go out with ‘Please pray for….’ Cards.
  • Simply go to a public place and as we meet people in the street/shopping area have a conversation:
  • Introduce ourselves as part of the Talking Jesus weekend with the local church
  • Ask: Would you us to pray for anything at all today?
  • Offer: You can write your request on this card:
  • Pray: When they have done that ask them if they would like you to pray for them now and if not tell then you will take it back to the church and be prayed for there.
  1. Go to a local pub for a drink ideally with another team member. As you get to the pub pray for a good conversation. See who God leads you to and talk Jesus with them.
  1. Get hold of a pop up gazebo or sofa and have a couple of team members sit in a shopping centre. Make a sign that says: If you could ask God one question….what would it be: get into conversation and use the contact card (will be provided for every deanery) if they would like to know more.
  1. Set up a prayer ‘washing line’ or ‘tree’ with bits of cardboard and pens, invite people to write their prayer and peg on the washing line or hang on the tree – explain you are part of Talking Jesus and give out invites to your next Talking Jesus event.
  1. Give away free coffee/hot cross buns whatever at the local train/bus station and tell people you are part of Talking Jesus and why. Offer to pray with folks where appropriate.
  1. Litter pick in a public park and pray for conversations along the way (borrow litter pickers from council?)
  1. Bishops (and teams!) shoe cleaning for free in public places. A great conversation starter….
  1. Offer to clear people’s gardens, tidy rubbish areas etc and tell them why you are doing it for free. Get the youth group to help if you can!
  1. Set up a prayer station in a local café (with the staff’s agreement!) put up a sign that says: ‘prayer offered here!’
  1. Door to door visiting: go in twos and knock on doors in your area. Explain that you are part of the Talking Jesus weekend with the local church – is there anything you would like prayer for? Offer to pray either there and then or take requests back to the church and pray there or at the end of the street after each street has been visited.
  1. Visit the local park and give adults an invitation to the next messy church/toddler group/whatever your church offers for children and families.
  1. Don’t forget to invite folks you talk with to come to Durham Cathedral 3pm Sunday 5th March – ALL WELCOME! You could even arrange to meet them outside and welcome them in – a friendly face is a great help! Don’t forget to invite your own friends and family members too.
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