Live Streaming

With all the uncertainty of the COVID-19 suspension of regular church services, there has never been a better time to think creatively and take your church online.

Don’t know how to steam a live service – then stay tuned and read on for a series of helpful links and guides to getting your church online and live streaming.

If you would like to chat it through or need help in setting up your online presence for live streaming then please do give Keith Blundy a call on 07900 583131 or email

So what do you need to get up and running and live streaming your services? At its simplest the answer is nothing more than a Smart Phone or Tablet that has a camera and then a connection to the Internet. You can use your phone’s data plan to connect – but will incur data usage and probably costs. Better still, if you have WiFi in your church then you are all set to go.

Once you are up and running let us know and we will add you to the list of Live Streamed Services.

Useful Links

There are lots of videos on YouTube which you can refer to if you are completely new to using a smart device for live streaming. As of 18/3/20, one video I found that puts things really simply for churches is shown below.

One thing it fails to mention is that you need to have a Facebook page set up for your church if you don’t already have one. Then you need to have the Facebook & Facebook Pages APP downloaded from your APP store and installed on your smart device.

See what you think of the following …


Here is a useful Graphical Guide that you might find useful. Thanks to Premier Christian Media for sharing it and to the Salford Methodist Circuit for making it available.

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