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Life Events are those times where you may turn to the Church for support and in celebration of Birth, Marriage and at the End of Life. In this section you will find information and links to resources for Baptism (Christening), Weddings and Funerals. In 2014 the Church of England carried out just under 1,000 weddings, over 2,000 baptisms, and almost 3,000 funerals every week of the year. Some 12% of births during 2014 were marked by a Church of England infant baptism (Christening) or thanksgiving service, whilst 31% of deaths were marked by a Church of England funeral. These services are hugely important markers in life and we hope that you will find the information in this section helpful.

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For more details on Baptisms (Christenings), Weddings and Funerals in a Church please contacts-us or use the links below. You can use our search facility by clicking on the link below to find your nearest Church.

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