The Revd Jim Craig
The Revd Jim Craig sets to work on his image of the Millenium Bridge and Sage Gateshead inside the St Edmund's Chapel - Gateshead.
The Revd Jim Craig get creative as the Church of England’s only Art Chaplain.

Arts Chaplain the Revd Jim Craig is celebrating ten years in the role in an appropriate manner – by featuring in an exhibition.

The Revd Craig, who is based at the Sanctuary Artspace in St Edmund’s Chapel in High Street, Gateshead, was invited to work with an artist and a poet on an Gateshead Council arts project called Words on the Street.

The team worked with six local residents and used photography and poetry to document their relationship with their community.

The resulting exhibition, which begins on Friday May 15 at Gateshead Central Library and runs until 11th July, was a collaboration with local photographer Tommy Anderson and Thirsk poet Kate Fox, who is a regular on Radio 4.

The Revd Craig said: “It is a fitting way to celebrate ten years as an art chaplain and five my works will be featured in the exhibition.

“In conversation with Kate, I realised that I was being drawn to photograph the rust and ruin of the High Street, not because of its ugliness but because of its beauty.

“The objects I captured reminded me of my faith, of treasures hidden in jars of clay, and how the failure of the cross allows Christ’s light to penetrate our lives.

“It’s been such a blessing to be invited to participate in an arts project rather than trying to facilitate other people’s arts journeys. It’s the first time in ten years that I’ve found time to display my own artwork, despite running my own gallery. It’s been a brilliant experience.”

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