Rev Glen Macknight (Picture: Keith Blundy)

A short article by the Rev Glen Macknight.

“Let’s take a vote of which colour you think works best” The choices presented to Hillside Youth was a white logo on a red background, blue background or grey. Hands went up to mark their preference with one clear winner as Ruby, sitting on the floor, lifted up two arms two legs and stretched up her fingers and toes and said: “That’s fourteen for the grey”. Such is the creativity of youth. When All Saints and St Cuthbert’s came together to form one parish their two logos were merged. This was a regal crown that sat on top of Cuthbert’s cross. It was a great fusion of symbols and worked well for its time but things can’t stay the same forever and so we began to think about what an updated version might look like. The results were always too complicated that is until I met David at a church-leaders meeting in Newcastle. David Stretton-Downs is a designer, would he be willing to take a look? Over the next few weeks, we met up discussed ideas and what is  Hillside church about?

At our last meeting in Weatherspoon’s Byker, we talked about a possible launch date. Easter seemed a good idea – a new life, a new beginning, a new logo. As I stood on the Byker Metro Station platform I received an e-mail from the Bible Society “Do you have a logo?” This was for their publicity materials The Greatest Story Ever Toured (Hillside 14 Feb 7.30).

“It just so happens we have…!”

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