Libby and friends get some dancing moves sorted at the dance workshop. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

More than 160 Yr 6 Pupils who are transitioning to their new school in September have been treated to a week of activities to familiarise them with their new surroundings.

Ian Ramsey Church Of England Academy in Stockton have opened their doors to pupils that will be joining them this coming September for a week of fun packed activities designed to help them transition from primary to secondary school.

Now in its fourth year, the summer school week is the brainchild of Mrs Zoe Featherstone who is the member of staff responsible for year 7 pastoral support. She said: “This year has been a massive success. We started four years ago with 80 pupils attending and this week we have more than 160, supported by staff members and Yr 11 pupils, we are growing each year.

“We have found since we started these summer schools, that when children come into year 7 they settle much quicker if they have been involved in the summer school activities. They know the building, they are allowed to wander around getting familiar with their new surroundings. Pupils do an orienteering exercise so they get to know where all the departments are and most importantly they get to have some fun and make some new friendships before they start in September.”

The transition pupils find themselves in a very relaxed environment, undertaking activities such as Dance, Baking, Clay Making, Digital Animation, Crafting, Dodgeball, Football, Rounders and a whole host of other activities.

Mrs Featherstone added: “One of the five days we are even going out to the Cinema. It’s all part of settling those transitioning into school life through familiarisation activities that have a positive effect on their feeling of well-being in those first few weeks. In turn, this has a knock-on effect on their learning outcomes as well.”

Dylan, Alisha, Louis, Abbie and Oliver assist Finley with some baking.
(Picture: Keith Blundy)
Getting Funky at the dance workshop. (Picture: Keith Blundy)

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