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This two-year project has been funded to serve local churches and deaneries in the Diocese of Durham. I’m Rachael Phillips, the project officer, and I’ve developed this project to encourage us all in our discipleship and understanding of our faith on a deeper level. We’re exploring what generosity means, how we experience it personally, and how we could become more generous people. I use storytelling and my own experience of God’s extraordinary generosity to inspire others. This is simple Christianity. It’s taking small steps (and occasional huge leaps) in faith. It’s about supporting each other as we all learn, no matter how long we’ve been Christians for. Our three Diocesan priorities are Children & Young People, Growth, and Poverty. The Generous Giving Project fits into Growth. It’s not a stand alone topic, or a separate campaign for parishes to engage with once a year when they publish their budgets. The Generous Giving Project aims to be part and parcel of everyday worship and all aspects of church life. It can be the means by which we engage children and young people. It can move people to get involved with issues of poverty. Bespoke resources on generosity could help your church to support prisoners and their families or vulnerable adults, if that’s your calling. Consider how the Generous Giving Project could support you in building links with other parishes or different Christian denominations, if that’s your passion. Putting generosity at the heart of your worship-life could lead you and your church to treat the world and other people as Jesus treats us. Generosity isn’t just kindness. It’s more than that. This Project aims to help us mirror God’s over-the-top generosity.

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