Revd Claire lays final brick for the new Wynyard CofE Primary School (Picture By: Keith Blundy)

The final brick has been laid in the building of Wynyard Church of England Primary School by the Revd Claire Gibbs ahead of its scheduled opening in January 2019.

The school, which formally opened in 2015, and currently operates from a series of temporary classrooms will move into its new permanent building in January 2019 with 266 children. Eventually, the school will have a capacity of nearly 460 children including 39 full-time equivalent nursery places. The Diocese of Durham founded the school in response to the education needs of Wynyard and surrounding areas.

Revd Claire who is the Priest in Charge of Stockton Country Parish of which Wynyard is part said: “It’s very exciting to see the building taking on its final shape and coming to reality. I am really looking forward to working in the school with the children & staff and helping it to become the heart of Wynyard Village – a living community with a church school at its heart.

“Providing excellent, inclusive education is core to the Church’s mission. The 3000 people of Wynyard make up half the population of my parish, yet had no school until Wynyard CofE primary opened. Schools are crucial to sustaining community: they are places where relationships are formed, between families and between generations. The building will be a venue for everyone to use. I’m delighted to be part of the growth of this school, and I pray with conviction that it will be life-giving to this community.”

Surveying the new school – Revd Claire, Roger and members of the PCC are shown the new school by site project manager Steve Laughton.
(Picture: Keith Blundy)

Head Teacher Roger Ward said: “We have watched this new building grow from the design stage to where it is now and to have Revd Claire lay the final brick of the build is really special.

It’s been three brilliant years since we started out as Wynyard CofE Primary but now we are ready to move and we are really looking forward to occupying this fantastic state of the art building. We look forward to it being a brilliant acquisition and long-term asset for the community.”

Revd Claire lays final brick for the new Wynyard CofE Primary School with members of the PCC and Headteacher present.
(Picture: Keith Blundy)
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