Jesus often used storytelling to explain a moral or spiritual lesson. Our faith can be hard to understand, so Jesus used everyday examples that his listeners would recognise. Often the people he spoke to were farmers, fishermen, religious leaders and businessmen. So, Jesus talked about harvests, fishing, scripture and money-lending. He was brilliant at storytelling, and captivated his audiences.

The Generous Giving Project attempts to do just this. I write stories and other short articles to reach out to ordinary people, who like me, are not necessarily experts in theology but who want to explore their faith.

I write fictional stories, sketches about the church, true stories (including testimonies) and short articles explaining particular Bible passages or specific topics.

The stories I write are for our Christian community. They are meant as an additional discipleship resource to complement the other ways that people experience faith, such as when they worship in church. Hopefully they will inspire people to put into practice the idea of generous giving, and become more generosity-focused members of the community.

The stories are written to be printed and handed out after services, or published in parish magazines. They are also all available online and I’d like to encourage parishes to create a link to their own parish website. Here it is:

Read on for an example story…

I’m the Diocese!

“Have you heard?” whispered Sarah over her shoulder to David and Mary.

“Heard what?” Mary whispered back, leaning forward. The church was filling up pew by pew and people were opening up their hymn books to see if they’d be singing any favourites. It was Sunday and the morning service was about to start.

“We’re being visited by The Diocese today!” Sarah said screwing up her face, as if she’d said they were being visited the headmaster, or a mob of rioters, or a plague.

The Diocese!?” asked David, eyes darting around the church.  “Here? Today? Us? The Diocese!?”

Richard had overheard, because contrary to popular belief, his hearing was pitch perfect. He slid down the pew and leaned in. “Oh yes,” he said “the Diocese are here alright.” He gave a knowing nod.

“They’re already here?” demanded Mary, looking toward the door for signs of disruption. “Where?”

“Right here,” Richard whispered. He leaned closer. “The Diocese is sitting on this pew.”



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