Left to Right members of the Childrens Council: Leo 12, Kiera 13, Lily 12, Grace 13, Evie 13, Noah 12 (Picture: Keith Blundy)

A group of 17 children aged 8-13 from the Church of England Diocese of Durham Children’s Council has been awarded £6,800 by the AllChurches Trust.  The award is for a project titled ‘Homegrown’ in which they will become ‘Mini Missionaries’ sharing their faith and the love of God with other children and young people across the region.

The 18-month project has the potential to reach out to thousands of children and families in communities across the Diocese. It is hoped that the project will further empower the children to take charge of the planning and preparation of mission events in their own home churches and to run the events themselves with support from others. The first event will be a silent disco followed by a family fun event in the summer.

Sharon Pritchard, Children’s Ministry Adviser for the Diocese of Durham said: “Homegrown is a child-led project which will create events and activities for children, young people and families to share God’s love in the communities we live in.

“Their eagerness to share God’s love within their own communities is inspiring and we hope ‘Homegrown’ will be a blessing to all who are involved.”

One of the children’s council members said: “We know that there are many children and families in our communities who may not have had the opportunity to hear about how much God loves them so we want to run different events in our own churches and communities where we can have fun, share food, get to know people and share our faith”

Another added: “We’re really excited about bringing people together and it’s going to be fun telling them about our amazing God!”

Sharon concluded by saying: “I am hugely grateful for the support that AllChurchesTrust have given us with this project, the funding will allow the Children’s Council to engage in mission events in their home churches,  and to bring the love of Jesus to their own communities.”

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