President: The Bishop of Durham

Vice Presidents:
Chair of House of Clergy

Chair of House of Laity

Secretary: Diocesan Secretary, Diocesan Office

The Diocesan Synod is the third link in the Synodical Government chain of Parish; Deanery Synod; Diocesan Synod; General Synod. Lay members are elected by the Houses of Laity of the Deanery Synods, and clerical members are elected by the Houses of Clergy of the Deanery Synods, as representatives of the deanery. Elected members hold office for a period of three years commencing on 1 August in the year in which elections to the Diocesan Synod take place. Members of Diocesan Synod become ex-officio members of their Deanery Synod and Parochial Church Council. They are expected to report back to their Deanery Synod on the work and decisions of the Diocesan Synod, and to represent the concerns and interests of their deanery at the Diocesan Synod. The Diocesan Synod meets twice a year, in May/June and November. Meetings usually take place during daytime on Saturdays.

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