White paper

As well as directly supporting Area Deans, Lay Chairs, Deanery Synods and planning groups with the immediate task of producing a plan, deanery planning has given rise to a number of different workstreams:

  • A package of training is under development under the heading ‘The Deanery Toolbox’ – resources will soon be downloadable here.
  • Work was done to put deanery planning on a firmer footing, and to simplify the workings of Deanery Synods and their committees.
  • Research was begun into best practice in the handling of parish vacancies, seeking to find ways that growth can continue rather than stalling.
  • Ideas were explored around how we do better at planning for ‘mutual flourishing’ across the different traditions within the diocese and the deaneries.
  • The future of some of our deaneries was reviewed, and changes are underway.
  • Different models for deanery leadership were evaluated and are available to draw upon.

Firm Foundations

Underpinning it all was a strand of work to set out to answer some fundamental questions:

  • What are deaneries good for, and how do they add value for both the diocese and the parishes?
  • How have the roles of Area Deans and Lay Chairs changed and developed, and what are the expectations today? What are the theological foundations?
  • What might effective deaneries look like?
  • How can the leadership team of a deanery be shaped to suit different contexts?

A set of white papers was produced looking at some of these questions – not setting out to be the last word, but aiming to get the discussion going in all quarters:

Papers and Presentations from Meetings

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