Deaneries aren’t incorporated bodies, as such, so they don’t manage their overall budget and costs. If a deanery decides to undertake a project that involves major expenditure, that will need to be managed by one of the PCCs on behalf of the deanery, even if the costs are shared by all. Alternatively, a separate charity should be established, supported by the PCCs.

However, it is expected that they will operate a small account to cover expenses of office and smaller items, and that the Deanery Synod will both receive a full report on how the money was used, and set a budget and parish contributions each year.

  • The principle is that agreed and planned expenditure in the deanery (e.g. the cost of scheduled meetings, or running a deanery website), and routine expenses (e.g. postage and mileage) are both funded locally – these will vary from place to place.

Each Area Dean also has access to an expenses allowance provided by the Diocesan Office, for which they are responsible. The maximum annual allowed expenditure is £2,200, managed through a float system which is topped up as needed. This is separate from their responsibility allowance, which is paid to them personally.

  • The principle is that expenses related to undertaking the role (e.g. ad hoc hospitality, equipment and support necessary for the Area Dean to operate) are funded from this allowance by the Diocese – these will vary from person to person.

Managing the Allowance

The processes for managing the expenses allowance are as follows:

  • On appointment, each Area Dean should claim £500 to establish an expenses float.
  • In accordance with the Professional Guidelines for the Conduct of the Clergy, and for the avoidance of doubt, the money should be kept separate from personal finances.
  • Should the balance fall below £200, the Area Dean can then submit an additional claim during the year, provided the annual limit on expenditure has not been exceeded.
  • On the rare occasions where it is necessary to cover the cost of a single large item that is within the annual allowance, but above the normal float level, please contact the Diocesan Finance Team for assistance (
  • Careful records should be kept, and an annual return should be made at the end of December each year showing:
    • the opening balance,
    • expenses incurred during the year by category,
    • and the balance of funds remaining.

At the end of an Area Dean’s term of office, a final return should be made, and the balance of funds returned to the Diocesan Office.

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