Bishops Paul & Sarah with the Bishops Leadership Team ask that all clergy and congregations follow the national guidance being regularly updated on the Church of England website.

The latest advice was issued on the evening of March 5th.
If locally you decide to operate an even tighter regime that will be understandable but to operate anything less than the national guidance would be deeply unwise.
For The Peace you could use an Indian sub continent alternative of holding your own hands in front of your chest palm to palm as in prayer and gently bow to one another. This avoids contact but maintains a practice.
Clearly ongoing pastoral care through Home Communions, Services in Care Homes and Hospital visits should be maintained but ensure all health advice is followed.

We advise you to check the C of E website daily for any further updates.

You may find the Bishop of St Albans – Golden Rules about Coronavirus helpful. They can be read here: +Alan, St Albans on Coronavirus

Further guidance for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) was released from the Church of England on the 4th March 2020 and can be accessed via the following link:

The following Church of England guidance has been released for clergy and parishes on the novel Coronavirus, now named Covid-19.

Prayer: Lord, we pray for those infected by the coronavirus in China and around the world, for those who care for them, for health specialists and the authorities who are working to halt the spread of infection, and for all who at this time are feeling anxious, especially those with friends and family in China.

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