Mr David Airey - Head Teacher - Venerable Bede Church of England Academy talks with students.

A Secondary Schools in the Diocese of Durham has been awarded Gold in a Young People’s Anti Bullying Charter Mark, set up for the prevention and management of bullying across the City of Sunderland. 

The Venerable Bede Church of England Academy in Ryhope, Sunderland was awarded Gold by the City’s ‘Together For Children’ initiative in recognition of its work on the charter this year. The charter, now in its tenth year encourages young people to take an active part in tackling bullying in all its forms has four tiers of attainment, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

The Venerable Bede CofE Academy, which is part of the Dayspring Trust along with sister academy Ian Ramsey CofE Academy in Stockton, achieved the charter mark during the lockdown period after a lot of hard work.

Miss Amanda Jackson, who teaches of Geography and leads the work on anti-bullying at the school, said:

“We are delighted to have been recognised with this Gold Award. The charter aims to help everyone thinking about and prevention of bullying in schools. It also raises awareness in our local community of work carried out pupils to tackle these important issues.

“We had to meet and evidence 20 criteria, demonstrating with evidence that the school takes part in a range of activities. These include participation in the National Anti-Bullying week; how we display relevant helplines, websites and anti-bullying literature around the school; how we identify areas and times where bullying is most likely to occur and show how we have established a peer support system.

“The anti-bullying charter mark was created and is awarded by young people to help schools and other establishments showcase the work they do to prevent bullying. Working with the wider community, we are bringing about positive change and nurturing the school’s Christian ethos of ‘Soar to the heights together.’ We have achieved Gold, but we have our sights set on Platinum next. We won’t stop until bullying in all its forms is history.”


The Venerable Bede COfE Academy in Ryhope, Sunderland – Together we tackle bullying

Mr David Airey, Head Teacher at Venerable Bede CofE Academy, said: 

“This award is a celebration of a whole-school approach to anti-bullying work. It promotes the development of culture and policy that sits comfortably and supportively within the safeguarding and Christian ethos of the school and of our trust. We aim to continue to provide a safe, happy place for our young people to learn.

“Although we have successfully achieved this prestigious award, we continue to embed and build upon our success utilising already established best-practice in promoting equality and diversity while ensuring the safety and well being of our whole school and the wider community.” 

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