Swapping Social Media consultancy for a life in the Church for Bryony.

 Swapping Social Media consultancy for a life in the Church for  Bryony.

Bryony swaps social media consultancy for a life in the Church
Bryony Taylor, who will become curate of St Michaels and All Angels, Houghton le Spring, had dreamed of running a church ever since she was a child growing up in Southend. Now 36, she said: “Right from being about 10 years old I used to imagine myself leading a church, long before women’s ordination in the Church of England. “It was a daydream back then. Some children dream of being doctors or the like, I dreamed of running a church. “I toyed with the idea of the ministry when I left university but I did a deal with God. I said ‘I’m too young, I have not seen anything of the world yet, so I will put this on the backburner and call me when the time is right.’” After university, she worked variously in museum education and then adult education policy. Her last job was working as a social media consultant, helping people to use Facebook and Twitter for business. She said: “A friend said that my last job was a dream job and yet I still was not where I belonged. I realised that I could evangelise really well through the use of social media but I felt a ‘nudge’ from God to do more. “I feel most at home when I am leading worship or just helping someone get that bit closer to Jesus and now I’m completely thrilled to have realised this call in ordination. I am really looking forward to it.” Twenty (20) People from diverse walks of life will be ordained as Priests and Deacons in the Diocese of Durham at ceremonies to be staged at Durham Cathedral on Saturday 28th June (Priests) and Sunday 29th June (Deacons). A profile of each ordinand will be posted soon. Bryony’s Story https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqR5jsdc5n0&width=600

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