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[Article supplied by St Barnabas Church, Burnmoor]

The Rt Revd Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham, is to visit Burnmoor Church near Chester-le-Street, the 10 a.m. service on Sunday 25th February.  The date is exactly 150 years since the Church was consecrated in 1868 by one of the bishop’s predecessors, the Rt Revd Charles Baring.  

Burnmoor Churchwarden Harry Willis says: “We invite everyone to join us for this special occasion.” 

The village of Burnmoor is on the edge of County Durham, besides Lambton Park, ancestral seat of the Earls of Durham.  The name of the village is often spelt ‘Bournmoor’ nowadays. 

The church was built by the Second Earl of Durham.  The foundation stone was laid by the Countess of Durham, using a silver and ivory handled trowel which can still be seen in the church.  

Burnmoor’s church of Saint Barnabas is widely known as ‘The Church with the Angel,’ because dominating the nave is The Angel of Victory, an enormous statue in white Carrara marble.  It was given to the church by the fifth Earl of Durham in memory of his father and his uncle who were twin brothers.   The task of getting the angel into the church was very difficult owing to her huge size, 15 feet high with a wingspan of 7 feet.  The wings were unhooked, but even so, one of the entrance door pillars had to be dismantled. 

The visit by the Bishop of Durham is just one of the events in this year of celebration for the church, which is hosting music concerts and other events.  Churchwarden Margaret Mears said: “We have invited all the clubs and groups who meet in the Parish to take part in a Flower Festival in June.” 

[Article supplied by St Barnabas Church, Burnmoor]

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