Bumping into the church


With only two-days to go until ‘Talking Jesus’ – Sophie Jelley uses her eleventh post to talk about: “Bumping into the church…”.

 It has been buzzing in the Diocesan office today as we have been getting the welcome packs ready for our visitors and guests joining us for ‘Talking Jesus’.

It is such a privilege to think that 25 Bishops and their teams will soon be packing their cases to come and stay a while to join us for the mission weekend.

At our training event ‘Prayer Spaces in Community Places’ Phil Togwell (leader of Prayer Spaces in schools) reminded us that the people of God (the Church) need to be outside the walls of the church buildings so that people can simply ‘bump into the church’ in their every-day lives. However much planning and preparation we have done for Talking Jesus Durham, and however many events we have managed to put on – at heart this is the point of what we are trying to do. To be the Church ‘out there’ so that people can simply bump into us and discover the love and hope of Jesus Christ.

So – here’s praying for many to ‘bump into the church’ this coming weekend – in ways that mean that lives are changed forever.

2017/03/02 13:30:00
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