Bishop Paul has written publicly of his response to Racism in The Northern EchoThe Church Times.

In both pieces, he says that his life has been very privileged adding: “I did not think this in my early years. I did not realise for quite some while. Now that I am in a very privileged position, I easily forget it, unless I consciously remind myself, or events do that for me.”

He goes on to talk about his upbringing and his early days in ordained ministry in London and how his wide ministry has helped grow an understanding of UK multicultural society and of God’s world and the pursuit of justice for poorest through his engagement with churches in Africa. He reflects on how his engagement with Africa opened his eyes further to the reality that in all cultures and nations there is a human tendency to pick out a minority and act in a discriminatory way against it.

Bishop Paul brings the conversation back to the horrific murder of George Floyd, before concluding: “Unless I, and all who have experienced this same quiet privilege, recognise it, own up to it, repent of it, and commit ourselves to change, then this current fresh awakening of the reality of racism and the need for change that is both structural and personal will pass as those that have come before have passed. It is time for justice. It is still, for me, found in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.”

The original Comment Pieces can be read below.

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