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Bishop Paul Addresses Synod
Bishop Paul Butler talks for the role of Bishops in the CofE Quinquennium: Intentional Evangelism motion put forward by the Archbishop of York at the General Synod of The Church Of England General Synod in London November 18th 2013   [embedit snippet=”bishop-paul-speaks-on-bishops-evangelism”]  Synopsis: Bishop Paul said: “Bishops as leaders in mission and as evangelists, or doing the work of an evangelist. Pray for all bishops to have this charism if not natural evangelists. “Example of Bishop of Sherwood and his Seed Scattering weekends. Both bishop as evangelist and also enabling ordinary Christians to be witnesses to their neighbours through these events. “Myself seeking to do apologetics in Nottingham city centre a new way through The Gap – using chat show style, drama, humour, music and not a sermon in sight. “Seeing confirmations and ordinations as opportunities for evangelism. “Encouragement of Christians saying that seeing and hearing bishops operate in this way has helped them be more confident about speaking of their faith. They have been equipped through this. “Evangelism amongst children and young people ‘Going for Growth’ called for ‘ a life enhancing encounter with the person of Jesus Christ’ – this may come through the surrogate grandma who lives next door, through drama, dance, music, after school clubs, residential events etc.” Most adults story includes the importance of hearing the story of Jesus as a child or young person or coming to faith in those years. It is essential that we share the good news of Jesus with children and young people.

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