Bishop Paul Speech to Community Money Advice Envision Conference

Bishop Paul’s address at the Citizens Assembly this afternoon in London

A woman who battled for 7 years to be recognised as a genuine asylum seeker said, ‘Hope kept me going’. Hope matters. It is about a clear moral vision which really does want the wellbeing of every citizen, and of the planet and all its inhabitants.
Hope has a vision of a life that can be better; a community that can move from blighted to blossoming, cursed to blessed.
Hope seeks a nation that cares for all as the poor are lifted up:-
through justice and caring treatment for migrants, including an end to the deep scandal of indefinite detention which simply denies basic justice

where social care really is about those needing care being treated with true dignity by being given proper time and attention to their needs, and those offering the care true dignity by being paid a living wage on fair and reasonable contracts.

Hope is essential for a healthy society. Hope becomes fulfilled step by step as all of us seek the common good rather than our own personal advantage. Being a citizen of our nation is about recognising that we all have a responsibility for one another, seeking our common wealth not simply our own wealth. Where we together take responsibility for the wellbeing of all.
This common good leads us to work alongside one another in common action. Unions, Education, Faith Communities, Healthcare, all seeking to act together for the good of all. Members, leaders working in harmony for everyone’s wellbeing
Fulfilling Hope requires us all to act together for the common good.

Paul Butler
Bishop of Durham

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