Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 6


Advent 2020 – All Who Make Idols

Based upon: Isaiah 44.9-23.

By Noah, Children’s Council Member – Please Share Widely

Text from YouTube Captions

my reflection is based on a reading from
the book of Isaiah chapter 44 verses 9 to 23
this region talks about those who make and worship idols
and how foolish this is we hope we all have needs and wants
we are all busy people who will often need things to help us get through each

where we turn for this help determines
what kind of person we are in the eyes

of god
if we turn to turn to god to meet our

needs then we are
good we are Christian but if we turn

away from god
and seek otherwise to have our needs met

then we become idol worshipers
someone who is adoring something other

than god
an idol can be anything we value more

than god
when we think about idols most of us

will think back to the scenes with the
Israelites and their golden calf

but idols can just be anything that
we make more important than god

today this could be our phones computer

or our desire to make more money or even
saving and then spending all our money

on new things like
the new ps5 so that we look good in

front of our friends
other examples of idols can include

our careers money relationships hobbies
sports and entertainment some things we

idolize are obviously simple but
most often the things we idolize can be

good such as food
relationships or careers

idolatry takes many forms for example
some people find meaning and importance

in the in life from their job
perhaps they have an important title

such as principal or director
the title makes them feel good the title

makes them feel important
and that they matter they have a sense

of belonging the person might spend
long hours at work to maintain their

position they might
they might even lie or deceive to keep

their position
sometimes the person will neglect their

family because
their position at work is more important

than being a parent
another example of idolatry is someone

who finds
joy and happiness in technology

they enjoy spending all their time on
their phones their computer games

or gaming consoles they are at their
happiest when they have the latest and

greatest devices
that they are happy because they can

show off what they own and how well the
how well they play certain games they

enjoy a sense of success
because because they just can see what

they do
and how they perform in their favourite

games or how many
followers they have on Snapchat

instagram and tick tock
those who worship god find a purpose and

meaning in
life serving god they are not bothered

about what title they have at work or
how many followers

they have on social media so as long as
they do work that is pleasing to god

god is their boss and they are happy and
content with obeying him

those who worship God are happy with
what they have

they thank god that their needs are met
and that they don’t need to find their

happiness impersonal
success or social media for them a

Christian turns to god and knows all of
their needs are met

by him and i an idol worshiper does not
look look to god but they look elsewhere

and have their needs met
people are either a follower of god or

an idol worshiper
there are no other alternatives

let us pray oh lord
help us to trust you with our decisions

and our futures
let us lean on you will let us lean on

you with all our heart
instead of relying on you with our own

imperfect understanding
and your and looking elsewhere to

give us clear guidance in our lives as

as we submit to you let us know that you
will direct our paths

so that we have can have confidence that
your direction is

always the best way to go amen

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