Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 5


Advent 2020 – The God who is ever-present

Based upon: Isaiah 44.1-8

By Remi Omole, Chaplain City Hospitals Sunderland – Please Share Widely

Text from YouTube Captions


While walking through Durham the other day I looked around the shops and I noticed that there was something different the Christmas lights and the decorations began to appear that reminded me of things to come but it also reminded me how Christmas for many can be a time of contradiction because the bright lights and all that goes with it doesn’t reflect their true experience it doesn’t reflect their own reality what has become their own reality is that empty chair the empty chair that loved one no longer inhabits or that person they can either no longer send a card to or they don’t receive a card from or even get presents from

they live in that world of uncertainty is what seems to be the only certain thing that COVID19 has brought to us

the last verse of our scripture passage is encouraging all of god’s people to not be afraid we’re reminded to fear not many years ago I was told that that verse or those words fear not comes up 365 day times in the bible that’s one for each day I confess that I’ve never checked but even if it isn’t there you go we can make that our passage for every day to fear not and those words are spoken by someone who is with us who is ever-present and who does not speak from a distance

God is reminding us of their ongoing story a story that starts in the past exist in the present and carries on into the future it has a story of hope love joy and peace and most importantly that story of light the Christ candle

I am reminded by someone who said that it doesn’t take a hundred candles to light a place you only need one candle why don’t you go out and become that candle but also during Christmas people will give and receive presence we live in a world that is in deep pain why not take this step and become the present to our world


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