Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 24


Advent 2020 – O Rex Gentium

Based upon: Isaiah 28.16; Ephesians 2.14

By Eileen Harrop, Priest In Charge Gainford – Please Share Widely

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O Rex Gentium O King of the Nations and their desire the cornerstone making both one come and save the human race which you fashioned from clay I am part of the history of empire not only of this age but of every age even before the records of the world’s nations began like me the three kings travelling from the orient to meet Jesus the infant god incarnate were part of the history of Empire of that age and every age and so too the rise and fall of nations their kings and lords ultimately what are nations but the lives of men and women what continues and prevails is God’s voice and their response regardless of nation and across every age

More than 200 years ago Robert Morrison overcame many obstacles to travel from Morpeth in the northeast via London to Guangzhou or Canton in china overcoming more obstacles Morrison travelled to Malacca in Malaya and translated the bible into Bahasa Malay then in Singapore he set up a school with governor sir Stanford Raffles my parents one with families from canton and the other from malacca met in Morrison hall in Hong Kong University

Today I am here in the Northeast of England responding to our king of glory as Morrison had done christ is the precious cornerstone the sure foundation in his coming to us christ has brought us all into one purpose in christ the king of glory enthroned in the hearts of people in every nation there is nothing that divides

In your hearts enthrone him the let him subdue all that is not holy all that is not true

He is God the savior he is Christ the Lord ever to be worshipped trusted and adored

Kingdoms this Lord Jesus shall return again

With the father’s glory with his angel train for all wreaths of empire meet upon his brow

and our hearts confess him, King of glory, now you.

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