Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 23


Advent 2020 – O Oriens

Based upon: Malachi 4.2

By Sam, Youth Council – Please Share Widely

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Today is the 21st of December the shortest day of the year for me this means I have to walk to school in the dark using my phone to light up the steps down to my back gate for you it might when you arrive at work in the dark and leave in the dark too some of you may not even see the sun all day our antiphon for today speaks of this darkness oh morning star splendour of light eternal and son of righteousness come and enlighten those who dwell in darkness and the shadow of death based on Malachi 4 verse 12. darkness has a profound effect on all of us for me I find it so much harder to get out of bed on these cold dark mornings and to leave the house on time it limits what we can do even more so in a covered world when we can’t see friends indoors can’t go to their houses it gives us a short window of light to see people however the darkness talked about this antiphon is not a physical darkness but a spiritual darkness much of our world dwells in the spiritual darkness not knowing the love of Jesus Christ we can see this darkness daily in our lives whether through the news on social media or through our interactions

this darkness is worse than simply limiting what we can do it excludes us from eternal life and eternal life from now until forever with Jesus

the antiphon, however, doesn’t focus on darkness it focuses on light at Christmas we celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ who is in his own words from John 8 12 the light of the world a light so great that it can never be extinguished a light that can shine through anything this year has been especially difficult whether struggling through lockdowns missing family or friends who live far away or even losing friends and relatives for me I’ve struggled with not seeing some great friends of mine who live down south and not see my grandparents who live down south I try to see them regularly but covert is not allowed that this antiphon gives me hope though it reminds me that this will not last forever and that someday all darkness will be banished from this earth for me Christianity is a faith of light and hope in part I’m reminded of the summer of 2019 when I attended the soul survivor festival the tent was illuminated by a cross at the front a cross of light

and I saw the hope of ten thousand young Christians like me worshipping god together

it does more than simply promise this future though it invites us to welcome this light to welcome Jesus now my favourite carol talks this invitation saying o come o come Emmanuel it is a prayer for Jesus to come and lighten this world of darkness

we are invited to shine this light too when it is dark as it is today we use a light to see where we are going and to help others see like this we are encouraged to let our light shine as said in Matthew 5 16. at this time of year, we see the festive light in houses and on trees, they illuminate the dark and through this illuminates our lives we are instructed to illuminate the lives of other people with our light so as we deal with this day of darkness and the dark world around us I invite you all to once again or for the first time welcome the light of Jesus into your heart and shine that light for all to see this Christmas time let’s finish with a prayer

lord god help us this Christmas and always to remember your love for us that you sent down light eternal to bring us out of darkness and help us to shine a light for all to see


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