Advent Reflections 2020 – Day 14


Advent 2020 – Hope in the midst of our grief

Based upon: 1 Thessalonians 4: 13-end

By Pouya Heidari, Curate – Please Share Widely

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The passage today talks about the issue of end time the issue of death grief and mourning and yet as Christians when we go through those moments of personal grief how much do we hold on to that hope of resurrection the passage begins with brothers and sisters I do not want you to be uninformed about the reality of life after death when those personal grief comes along we may be asking how much actually do we know about this

it seems that the scripture is quite convinced that we’ve been told enough to believe and hold on to that hope that we have been promised by God himself the writer says these are the words of the lord being declared to you, in other words, this is a reassuring message that god himself is promising that this is not the end you will meet those that have you lost those who believe in Christ once again when heaven and earth meet and that reconciliation will take place also the passage leaves us with encouraging one another with these words because quite frankly around christmas time quite a lot of people are really in suffering and agonizing pain of remembering those wonderful memories of the people that they’ve lost so they don’t really approach Christmas with a great deal of excitement but as Christians in a Christian community we are called to care for one another to support one another in our time of celebration and the time of joy but in the time of sorrow and grief also

the message of Christmas is the message of hope when there was no hope Jesus himself came to give us hope where there are a lot of people in the grief and in the time of isolation may the ministry of the holy spirit lead each and every one of us to those individuals to pay their encouragement and also to remind them that this is not the end you will meet again your beloved people those who loved and served Jesus Christ himself and let us carry on in this advent time by reminding ourselves that this beautiful hope of resurrection has been given to each and every one of us and this is a reason for our celebration


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